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Creat your vault, connect your wallet and Revolutionize the world

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Own and control everything from your Vault.

Manage your rewards in one place.

Store and encrypt your information on your chosen device.

Buy WMT – How It Works  

1. Choose an Exchange

Utilize market tracking platforms such as CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko to select a reliable exchange that lists WMT.

3. Fund your Account

Transfer funds to your exchange account from your bank account or other cryptocurrency holdings.

5. Store WMT Safely

Store your WMT in a Wallet that supports WMT staking and stake to our DuckPool EN#795. Our tickername is

2. Create an Account

Registor for an account on the chosen exchange and complete all necessary verification procedures.

4. Purchase WMT

Utilize the funds in your exchange account to buy WMT through the exchange’s trading platform.

By staking, you will help to secure the network, earn rewards for your contribution, and benefit from the growth of the project. Thank you for your support!

Open the World Mobile Token Vault!

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Unlock Passive Income

Long-Term Growth with World Mobile Token staking at

Stake your World Mobile Tokens at for consistent earnings and effortless passive income. Enjoy regular rewards compound growth. Start building wealth hands-free by staking at!


Stake your $WMT!

Stake your World Mobile Token $WMT now on the World Mobile site
or in the app!


At, we believe in making a positive impact beyond the blockchain. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our charitable initiative! As a token of our gratitude for your participation, we pledge to donate 5% of the WMT (World Mobile Token) earned through staking to a carefully selected charity.

By staking with us, you’re not just contributing to the growth of the network; you’re also joining hands with us to support meaningful causes. Our commitment to charity reflects our dedication to creating a better world together.

We believe in giving our community a say in this journey. You have the power to choose the charity! Stay tuned to our Twitter (@duckpool_io) for updates on charity selections and how you can be part of the decision-making process.


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We cherish all charity suggestions Email us your ideas – your input matters in making a difference.

Empower Succes

Join us and our expertise while enjoying the benefits of valuable tokens. A partnership that pays off!